Work on problems that are important to you. 

In the following steps, you will be offered a wellbeing test to determine how you are doing. You will then be able to schedule a session when it best suits you. 

Let’s begin. 

Build strength.
Find clarity.
Get support. 

your choice your journey 02


  • Chat with a local, AMREF certified coach.
  • Create a clear action plan during sessions.
  • Check your progress with self-tests.
  • Get science-based support.
  • Talk discretely and privately on your phone.

More benefits

  • Message your coach between sessions.
  • Plan sessions as you go.
  • Build a foundation for effective self-care.
  • Get follow ups. 
  • Give feedback on your coach.
  • Learn life long problem solving skills.


Still have questions for us? 

Our customer care team is always on hand to guide you through the process. 
Also check out this Q&A for more information.



I really loved my session! Especially loved the action card and we even got to discuss challenges I didn’t think I had! I am honestly happy with what I got. 

– Client feedback, January 11th 2019.