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Feel you are existing, not thriving?

Take the free Inuka wellbeing test and actually see how you are doing. 

Book a session with an Inuka coach and build back your motivation and joy.

Personal wellbeing sessions with a coach, on your phone.

Work on your wellbeing, find a new perspective.

A 60 minute session with your coach gives support, insight and a plan towards building resilience and making positive changes.

Bring joy and motivation back into your life.

96% of users felt Inuka helped them deal with problems more effectively.

“I am enjoying my sessions. Turns out the solutions I was looking for were deep within me. I just needed someone to guide me there.”

Inuka client, PurpleDino

“I really loved my session! I especially loved the action card. We even got to discuss  challenges I did not think I have! I am honestly happy with what I got.”

Inuka client, VelvetEgg

“My mindset has changed. I no longer work from a defensive point, judge less, am less fearful and able to put myself out there.”

Inuka client, RedNinja

“Since I began I’ve found major help. I have tackled various issues with my coach and am now going to the third session. I’m very happy with the service and with my coach.”

Inuka client, BarnOwl

Tackle anything with skilled, empathic coaches.

Inuka coaches are trained in science-based methods to support you in tackling personal worries and challenges. 

Create an action plan and take concrete steps towards the change you want in your life. Go from overwhelmed, heavy and anxious to self-reliant, resilient and joyful.

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Get anytime support, in your pocket.

Connect with your Inuka coach whenever you feel the need to talk. Sit anywhere, and do a session discretely and anonymously using our chat app.

Do follow-ups with your coach at your own pace and convenience.

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Track your journey. Transform your life.

The Inuka Wellbeing Test is a great way to track how you are doing. The test tells you how you are coping with challenges you are facing right now.

Take the test periodically and track the actual progress you make.

Book a session and start your journey today.

1 session

Ksh 1000

4 sessions

Ksh 4000


Each session is of a one hour, one-on-one online chat with a trained and certified life coach.

At the end of each session you get an action card, with practical steps towards making positive changes.

Plan follow-up session to review what worked and take the next steps forward.

Get started in 3 easy steps.

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Sign-up with Inuka here.
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Take the Inuka wellbeing test.
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Select a time, a coach and pay.

Inuka stands on the shoulders of scientific giants so you get support that works.

Watch Dr. Dixon Chibanda, our chief psychiatrist and co-founder, explain the simple means of connection that inspired the Inuka service.

Get the support you deserve.

Take a small step towards the change you want to see.

Although this service is designed to help you cope with a range of issues you face in life, Inuka is not a medical service. If you feel you are in crisis, or may hurt yourself or others, you should seek professional help. You can also find resources for professional help here.