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What do you get from Inuka chat sessions?

A clear action plan.

Coaching with concrete results

An action plan for key problems

Using a proven Inuka Method

A trained, empathic coach.

 91% were happy with their first coach

AMREF-certified on a proven method

Quality supervision by therapists 

Confidential chatting.

 Confidential, secure chats

Anonymity between coaches and you

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How do you know Inuka works?

Kenyan participants, 4 chat-sessions, great outcomes.

Participants who improved their wellbeing after using Inuka:


“I like the way my ideas were used to give me solutions and thereafter actions. My Inuka coach helped me discover a stronger me.”

Male, 34
Pilot participant

Participants who dealt with problems more effectively after Inuka:


Inuka stands on the shoulders of scientific giants, so you get support that works.

Watch Dr. Dixon Chibanda, our chief psychiatrist, explain the simple means of connection that inspired the Inuka method.

“All Inuka coaches are trained on a proven method – so you get support you can trust.”

Dixon Chibanda, Psychiatrist, Co-Founder Inuka


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Although this service is designed to help you cope with a range of issues you face in life, Inuka is not a medical service. If you feel you are in crisis, or may hurt yourself or others, you should seek professional help. You can also find resources for professional help here.